To Do:

edited October 2016 in tmControl2 2.2
Let's see, in case I forget, so I'll remember when I get to it, unless someone else beats me to it:
1) segmented controls have lost the text color property, so they have the barfy-blue that ios uses, now. The good news is that it's easy enough to change (textColor is a custom property for the segmented control)
2) Test font and color persistence when using profiles. There seem to be a couple of controls that aren't keeping them.
3) Issue a patch for the legacy style for tmc2, and put it in the control and the main stack.
4) Find the other stuff that I've patched and issue those patches, too.
5) For input fields, add a border width property. The grey is a little thick, sometimes.
6) The text part of stepper preferences (fields that have +/- controls on them) respond to returnInField but not to losing the focus other ways
7) Look around for other hard-coded constants and make them into properties, too.
8) Enter in most settings fields should not add a line underneath but should apply the change
9) Color pickers should dismiss without me having to hit the close box (or if I'm using the eyedropper to click. In the eyedropper case, mouseUp or release or whatever should be sufficient)
10) Maybe tableLab should be integrated with simpleTable. The current datagrid scroll hack is a PITA when I'm setting up a new app.


  • 11) When using tmc to set a size, set the resizable of the stack to false.
    12) I don't think simpleTables should automatically assume the width of the stack when they are created, and their size shouldn't be locked by default. IF after evaluating the code, there is a reason why those two things happen, then they should also auto-resize when the stack is resized, the same way the header bar and the tab bar do.
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