Won't work.

Hello, I've installed the program but it simply won't work. Help please.


  • What I keep getting
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    Hello Max. Did you place the files provided in in your LiveCode plugins folder? Can you provide a screenshot of your folders? Your setup should look something like the following. Make note of your LiveCode extensions folder in the Preferences pane:


    Within your Extensions folder there should be a Plugins folder (if not, create one). Drop the tmControl2 file and tmControl2 Resources folder into the Plugins folder:


    After restarting LiveCode, you should be able to launch tmControl2 from the Development > Plugins menu, and the palette should launch like this:


    If you're not getting this result, you may have the files in the wrong folder.
  • Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 07.30.34

    I think this is correct, no?
  • I meant, I think I installed it correctly
  • Looks like the setup may be right, but the low res image is difficult to make out. What iteration of LiveCode 8 is this? If the palette launches from the Plugins menu but the theme is not visible, something may be amiss inside the Resources folder. Can you confirm the file arrangement inside that folder like the screenshot posted above?

    Also, if possible, it would be worth trying LiveCode 7.1.3. LC8 is still a developer preview, not shipping software, so I can't provide much support for that version.
  • Ok it works, but not with the latest version of livecode. Many thanks.
    Also, are there any tutorials on this?
    Thanks again
  • See the response to your other post. There are several videos in the Lessons section that are a bit out of date feature wise, but demonstrate the general process.
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