Account password

Hi Scott,
I couldn't sign into my account so did a password reset. How do I change that password to something a little more memorable. I can't find a link anywhere.


  • In the top right after logging in, you should see a tab with your username. Click that to display your profile page, and in the top right of THAT page there should be an Edit Profile button (click). In Edit Profile mode, you should be able change all your account settings from the options menu on the left.
  • Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 17.33.10
    I get this after logging in and clicking 'goto my account'. I don't seem to find access to my profile.
  • Look at the top of the forum itself (above), not in your download account

    If you're still having trouble, email the support address with the PW you want and I'll update it for you.
  • I see. Sorry, I wasn't specific. I mean the password for my main account, not the forum. I use a different login email. So I log into the forum using those details and the change it.
  • OK, you're talking about the storefront, not the forum. Unfortunately, the backend of the storefront is very limited, as far as I know there's no user option to change login info (though there should be). If you want to email your desired credentials to the support address, I'll update your account manually for you.
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