tmControl bugs in LiveCode 7.0.1 rc1

Hi Scott.

I am using tmControl in a LiveCode project and have encountered execution errors when using LC 7.0.1 rc1. They seem to be triggered by mouseMove messages. I have made a bug report with more details there.

In the course of investigating this I found another bug when opening the tmControlEditor plugin. The plugin palette does not fully draw. Here is the bug report with more details.

I though I would report this here so you can follow up on these bug reports with RunRev.

I have not upgraded to tmControl2 yet. Is that that required or recommended for LC 7? Do these issues also occur with tmControl 2? What about LC 6.7?




  • Thanks for the report. In general, tmControl1 is not designed at all to work with anything beyond LiveCode 5.5.5. However, if you are working with desktop themes from v1, you may be able to get by.

    I have responded to privately to you and RunRev -- hopefully a solution will be uncovered that allows you to continue your work.
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