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Does tmGradient work with tmControls. I can't seem to use the magnet on the tmControl Nav Bar or on the base graphic. All I want to do is copy the gradient from the base of one nav bar and paste it onto another nav bar. Since there are so many color steps it would be easier to just copy paste if possible. After the tmControl Editor was not able to capture the base gradient I then tried to use tmGradient directly on the graphic but it will not grab the gradient either. Is this possible?


  • A new color picker has been in the works for a while and will be included in a future update. tmColor and tmGradient can be used indirectly by enabling access to a control's components so you can select them within the group (enable LiveCode's selectGroupedControls and Access Component's Controls in the tmControl Editor palette). tmGradient's default behavior is to grab the gradient settings of whatever control is selected, so if you want to grab the gradient from one control and assign to another, you can turn off the palette's Dynamic Editing setting in the palette menu, and use the Magnet tool to pickup gradients manually.

    Keep in mind, you need to make sure that whatever color you update in a tmControl is saved as a gradient array in the appropriate property of the control (normal color, hilite color, etc).

    It's complicated to go this route, so the new color picker should alleviate this.
  • Well this is good news. I also noticed I had an old version of tmColor and tmGradient so while waiting I have purchased the new version. Thanks
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