meScott Rossi is Creative Director and owner of Tactile Media, a studio specializing in UX/UI design. He is passionate about custom interface, and combines programming skills with visual design expertise to create compelling user experience. His 20+ years of designing and developing software has enabled him to work successfully with both end clients and engineering teams alike.
Based in the San Francisco Silicon Valley, Scott has worked with dozens of companies from startups to Fortune 500 firms, including Apple, Emusic, Intuit, Logitech, Sony, and Trend Micro. Notably, Scott served as a UI consultant for 18 months in Apple’s Online Services group, and has provided UI design services to Logitech as a preferred vendor for over a decade.
Scott is an award-winning mobile app developer, and builds tools and custom controls for LiveCode developers. With LiveCode experience that spans over 15 years, Scott has been invited to speak at numerous developer conferences, and has had work featured in both online and print publications.
Scott can build custom controls for your LiveCode project. Contact the studio here.

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