I recently received a request asking to make my past LiveCode demonstration stacks available, so I figured I would post links to them here. Many of these are rudimentary, intended to illustrate simple LiveCode concepts, but a few contain features that can be used in finished projects. All stacks are open source, free to use and adapt as needed, and should work with LiveCode 8 and later.
Alien Spheres – Animation that takes place across multiple stacks with custom windowShapes

AlphaStatus – Display the first alpha character of items in a list while the list is scrolled

Animated WindowShape – Custom window with animated mask

Ball Clock 3 – An analog clock that uses spheres for hands

Ball Clock 4 – A variation of the above

Ball Clock 5 – A variation of the above

Bezier – Demonstration of bezier curve objects

Bouncer2 – Simple bouncing ball animation

Breeze – Animated flag-shaped window (animated mask)

Camouflage – Simulated transparent stack with magnification option

Click Detector – Basic click detection to start/stop a loop

Color Slider – Use sliders to set the color of a graphic

Drag Sampler – Demonstration of hit detection and constraining an object during a drag operation

Dynamic Blur – A low-tech image blurring method

Fancy Buttons – Examples of custom dimensional buttons

Film Reel – Experimental vintage film effect

Flurry2 – Experimental snow flurry simulation

GetAlpha – Demonstration of applying custom alpha transparency to an image

GetInLine – Code for drag-and-drop list reordering

Globe Spin Demo – A method for simulating a rotating transparent glass globe

Gradient Explorer – Demonstration stack that explains gradients, their properties, and how to apply them

KeyTracker – Code that tracks the keys pressed on a keyboard

Language Specs – Code to retrieve language information about Mac and Windows systems

MagGlass – A method to create a magnifying glass effect

Map Zoom – A demonstration of an animated zoom effect (uses Animation Engine)

Masking Options – Three examples of image masking techniques

NameGen – Fictitious name generator

PixelColorize – Demonstrates how to colorize individual pixels of an image

PixelTrans – A method of creating an animated pixelated image transition

Random Boxes – An example of placing 3 objects randomly within a defined region

Ripple – A scripted water ripple effect (not animation)

Spotlight – A demonstration of ink effects that simulates a soft-edged spot of light lluminating a dark image

Striped List Field – A method of applying alternating line colors to a text field

Swarm – Simple animation demo of many objects at once

TableLab – A simple option to create a nice looking data table

Tangram – Demonstration of draggable tangram shapes

TextSpinner – Demonstrates a method of rotating text using image capture

TimeSpinner – Experimental clock with animated window mask

tmDragAndDrop – Scripted implementation of a drag-and-drop function

tmFrame – Experimental resizable windowframe

tmNavigator – LiveCode utility palette that tracks all LiveCode windows, across multiple monitors

Tutti3D – Simulated 3D animation using a single graphic and point manipulation

WindowLab2 – Custom window generator

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