Today I’m happy to announce a brand new updated version of my tmControl2 UI kit for LiveCode. Yes, this announcement has a lot of 2’s in it, and the package has lot going for it.
If you’re not already familiar with tmControl2, it’s a collection custom-built controls created to make the process of building applications easier. The package ships with an iOS theme containing more than 20 controls, and features an integrated visual editor that allows you to configure controls the same way you do in LiveCode — drag a control onto a card in your stack, size and colorize it the way you like, and select the settings appropriate for your app.
UPDATE: The official tmControl2 page has been updated to show the range controls included in the package. See the FAQ on the page to learn more.
To celebrate this new release, a limited time 15% introductory discount is being offered to new purchasers of tmControl2. Visit the Tactile Media Storefront and use promo code tm22INTRO when checking out.
If you’re an existing tmControl customer, see here.

  • Added the ability to snapshot control layouts (rects and positions) at different screen sizes/orientations for responsive UI designs
  • Added built-in resize detection as a behavior to automatically resize auto-position controls on a card
  • Added all iOS screen sizes to the Control Editor along with automatic stack size detection
  • Improved/rebuilt icon management and established three standard states for both image and glyph icons: icon, hoverIcon (desktop only), and hiliteIcon
  • Added 9 new icon font sets to the Icon Library, for a combined total of over 4,000 icons and images
  • Added the ability to use both imported and referenced images as icons
  • Added the ability to search the Icon Library using keywords
  • Added an integrated icon property editor
  • Simplified the process of assigning an icon font to a segmented control
  • Added an integrated color picker to the Control Editor with tint selection
  • Simplified universal color assignment
  • Updated and improved controls demo stack with example scripts for all controls
  • Updated blur external for iOS9 (courtesy Monte Goulding) and demo stack
  • NEW shopping list demo stack showcasing advanced UI behavior

View the FAQ on the official tmControl2 page to learn more.
Demonstration of the layout snapshot feature:


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