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Way back in 2010, a significant event took place in my life: my first mobile app went on sale in Apple’s iOS app store. After seven long months of on-and-off design, programming, and numerous head-beatings against the wall, I could sit back and take pride in my accomplishment. I created a mobile app called PLEXXR, and it wasn’t just any app: it was a game. I was hoping to grab a small piece of the on-fire mobile games market and score some big money. Maybe not a million, but some 6 digit figure that would allow me to put my consulting work on the back burner and focus on personal projects.
(In case you’re wondering, PLEXXR was built in GameSalad, a development tool focused primarily on building games.)
Things started off fairly well. People were buying the game and I began receiving favorable reviews. After a week or two, Apple listed PLEXXR in the New and Notable section of the App Store, and app sites started contacting me about doing reviews. To my surprise, Gizmodo did a brief mention of the game. I entered PLEXXR in the 2010 Indie Mobile Games Competition and earned their Best Art award.
PLEXXR Trailer

The best part of the experience was getting feedback from players. The game was created as a series of alien-inspired visual puzzles that had little or no instruction: players needed to determine HOW to solve each puzzle, not just find solutions. I tried to sequence the game in order of what I thought were easy challenges, to the more difficult, but I soon discovered that what players saw as easy or difficult was all over the map. It was a good lesson on creating puzzles with increasing difficulty, knowledge I hope to apply to a future sequel.
PLEXXR didn’t turn out to be the huge source of income I was hoping for, and five years later I’m still consulting. But while searching my drive recently for some project files, I came across the desktop version of the game, and decided to post it here for fun. It still seems to run, so if you own a Mac system and you’re looking for a distraction, you may want test your puzzle solving skils (make note of the Read Me file included with the game).
Download PLEXXR >
Happy Thursday!

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