Rarely does a game come along that I would say is a “must buy”. In this case, even without having played it, I will boldly state The Room 3 on iOS by Fireproof Games is not be missed. The reason I can make this claim is because I’ve played (and finished) the first two installments of the series: The Room, and The Room 2. In fact, I would strongly recommend playing these two releases before embarking on The Room 3, so you can discover the back story and amazing gameplay mechanics of this series for yourself.
Each Room title is a collection mechanical puzzle boxes that are beautifully intertwined in themselves and to each other. Your goal is to “unlock” each box by finding hidden clues, locating secret panels, and decoding cryptic cyphers to eventually open the box, revealing the next puzzle and more details in a vague but compelling story.
But to call the puzzles “boxes” does a disservice to the game developers. Each puzzle is an incredible mechanical work of art, in both design and operation. Gameplay is enhanced by wonderfully appropriate mechanical sound effects and environmental ambience that combine to create an nicely immersive atmosphere. In fact, sounds are often clues, alerting you to the fact that a hidden panel somewhere nearby has become unlocked…
Stop reading this article and go dive into the world of The Room. As for me, I’m frantically removing apps from my iPad to make space for this next installment.
The Room
The Room 2
The Room 3

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